To Hide From Death from Theresa Moretimer



This book has meaning from an author who, herself, has went through domestic violence. Main character, Kelly, is severely beaten by her estranged husband and immediately files a protective order against him. This is only the beginning. Kelly is believable as a domestic violence victim and Moretimer gives spot-on descriptions of her time in the hospital after the horrific attack, as well as her time in court. However, there were some things I wasn’t fond of. There were many editing problems, especially toward the end. I read the ebook edition and some sentences were split. Half of the sentence was in one paragraph, in the middle of text, while the other half was somewhere else, making some of the actions of the characters hard to interpret. This wasn’t intended, but more of a formatting error. The dialogue was well played out, but I have to say that I giggled when I read the word, manhood. Also, The book leaves the reader with unanswered questions. I know that a Book Two is coming, so maybe that was Moretimer’s intention. There was a surprising turn of events toward the end, but I saw the last scene coming a mile away. If you want to read a short novel with suspense and intrigue, (my favorite type), then give this one a try.


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