Sex, Murder & Killer Cupcakes (Allison Janda)


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Allison Janda

I really enjoyed this cozy mystery, which is my favorite genre! Marian is the main character who’s head of the magazine, Food Porn. This is a whodunit that reminds me of Stephanie Plum – the series by Janet Evanovich. Everyone is a suspect! Who killed the male model with the poisonous cupcake and is now after Marian? She tries to survive while catching the eye of a hot new model. Very enjoyable read and I am looking forward to reading more from Allison Janda.


Kelli Sue Landon


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What is your latest release and what genre is it?Stranded In Time (Time travel/mystery)

Quick description: College student and art major Samantha Harper has been tracing her family tree for quite some time. Her mother, Rebecca, died when Sam was sixteen and she never talked much about her past. Samantha is thrilled to hear that she will be allowed to research her mother’s past for a school assignment. Upon arriving in Rebecca’s old neighborhood, Sam arranges to have a tour of her mother’s grade school. She finds an area inside the school that had been damaged and at first, thinking a ghost has been inhabiting the gymnasium, she accidentally crosses over into the year 1975; the year when her mother is in kindergarten. Fascinated and scared at the same time, Sam gets to witness her mother’s childhood up front as she inadvertently gets involved in an…

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The Witchling Grows Up by Mary Moriarty


91J1p7ugp+L._SL1500_This is a story about a witch named Dylan and a vampire named Justice. I am normally not into vampire type of books, but this isn’t that type of story. The prologue sucked me in right away as we learn about Dylan’s ancestors and the dangers they face as witches. Dylan grows up and takes on her own business at a tea parlor and B&B – a place I wish I could visit!  Dylan is protected by many animals as well as a dragon. Another protector of hers, is Justice. Moriarty presents wonderful, vivid descriptions of the setting, characters and builds suspense when a strange couple comes to stay at the B&B. Dylan and Justice both sense that this couple is Dylan’s dark enemy. This is a very well written book that put me in the mood for autumn, which is my favorite season. Even though this is not my normal genre to read, I find myself wanting to read the next installment in this series! Highly recommended!

Author Live Chat Show With Kelli Sue Landon and Ayah Assem


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August 6th, Wednesday at 05:00 (GMT -5.00) – Watch the Author Live Chat show with Kelli Sue Landon and guest Ayah Assem, hosted by Jas from IBP. Kelli is a mystery novelist and she shares some of her experiences about writing and publishing books as well as audio books. Ayah Assem has read two of her books, Stranded In Time and Nightmare at Camp Forrestwood, so she speaks about that in this video. 

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Haunted by Erica Sutherhome



Erica Sutherhome

I really enjoyed this short novel. Erica Sutherhome knows how to weave suspense and thrills into a story with a little romance thrown in. Main character, Carmencita, is kidnapped near the beginning with great description of the kidnappers, as well as our heroine’s strengths and weaknesses during the ordeal. I was flipping through the pages during her escape attempt, leading to her new life. Her brother gives her a locket before he died. This locket is the reason for her kidnapping. As an author myself, I am inspired by this story. I know how it is to live in fear, whether it’s out of paranoia or stalking. Sutherhome writes with fantastic flow. I really wanted the book to go on so I could learn more about Carmen’s life, but I am and always will be a fan of short novels. I cannot wait to read another book from Erica Sutherhome. This was truly a gem to read!