The Witchling Grows Up by Mary Moriarty


91J1p7ugp+L._SL1500_This is a story about a witch named Dylan and a vampire named Justice. I am normally not into vampire type of books, but this isn’t that type of story. The prologue sucked me in right away as we learn about Dylan’s ancestors and the dangers they face as witches. Dylan grows up and takes on her own business at a tea parlor and B&B – a place I wish I could visit!  Dylan is protected by many animals as well as a dragon. Another protector of hers, is Justice. Moriarty presents wonderful, vivid descriptions of the setting, characters and builds suspense when a strange couple comes to stay at the B&B. Dylan and Justice both sense that this couple is Dylan’s dark enemy. This is a very well written book that put me in the mood for autumn, which is my favorite season. Even though this is not my normal genre to read, I find myself wanting to read the next installment in this series! Highly recommended!


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