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Stranded in Time
Kelli Sue LandonStranded In Time Cover Trafford
Reviewed by Carol Davala

“‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way,’ she told herself. Those were her mother’s words that she repeated to herself when things got tough.”

In this unique combination of travel and mystery, Kelli Sue Landon transports readers with this captivating fictional tale that moves readers between the present, past, and future, to follow the central character on a journey of personal discovery. College student, Sam Harper, has little interest in courses outside her art major. But an English class research assignment sets her on a path to uncover her family ancestry. Since her mother’s tragic death, she has bonded with a father she never knew. Now Sam ventures to her mother’s hometown and visits the school where she attended kindergarten. Her investigation leads to an intriguing opening in a bathroom wall, and Sam suddenly finds herself smack in the middle of 1975. Here Sam meets her mother, as a child; then ultimately works to unravel the mystery behind a little girl’s death, her own grandmother’s murder, and a young teacher’s disappearance. In this strange time warp, Sam will take on a new identity and befriend another character entrapped within the past. Like Alice’s fall down the rabbit hole, or Dorothy’s adventures in Oz, Landon gives us a modern day character trying to find her way back home.

While the time travel element may seem a bit fantastical to some readers, the author weaves research into the storyline to explain the concept of portals, as openings in the space-time continuum. With the theory of time transport, Landon’s characters will also come to realize the consequences and possible danger in trying to change events that have already happened. While this book may seem written for a young adult audience, the work should appeal to all readers looking for an entertaining escape. In particular, those of the baby boomer generation should connect with the author’s skillful showcase of an era detailed with rotary phones, shag carpeting, bell bottoms, and console TVs. Through Stranded in Time, Landon presents a genuine thought-provoking read, with an uncommon storyline that evokes a creative blast from the past.


Looking For Reviews By Bloggers


I am looking for reviews on my latest novel, The Henderson Harbor Killings. It is a prequel of my novel, Summer Shack: A Killer Vacation. You do not have to read Summer Shack first. Either book can be read in any order. I am willing to send this in ebook format or paperback. Please email me if you are interested (

Long before Burt Whitehead was dubbed The Lighthouse Killer, he attended Birchville High School. Being bullied made life rough, but he stuck it out and graduated in the year 2000. Getting rid of his abusive mother was on his agenda, until his aunt stepped in and saved the day, making his entrance into adulthood easier. He enjoyed his job giving tours at the Henderson Harbor lighthouse and never forgot about the prank that his evil classmates played on him just before graduation.

Cynthia Barnett was his classmate and neighbor, who hung out with Burt’s tormenters. Putting an end to her friendship with the infamous Melissa Hammond, she grew closer to friend, Doreen “Dorie”, the girl-next-door type who had a crush on Burt. As Cynthia went on to pursue the college life, Doreen grew closer to Burt. A little too close. She and Cynthia learn the truth about Burt Whitehead the hard way as he plans to do his old bullying classmates in.

Revenge doesn’t come with an expiration date.

This prequel of Summer Shack is told in two parts. Part One is told from Cynthia’s point of view and her classmates who gossip and push Burt’s buttons.
Part Two shows the flip side and tells Burt’s story. With elements of the thriller/horror combination, the second part takes you into the mind of a kid with a dysfunctional family who grows up to become a serial killer.

Poisoned Blue (Katie L. Thompson)


22882383Poisoned Blue is the first book in the Jamie Stanley series. Jamie is a newly hired detective, solving her first case with two male investigators, giving them a run for their money. This story is a quick read and reminds me of an Agatha Christie mystery. We follow Jamie Stanley as she unravels the murder of a local business woman, combing over the evidence and teaching her two colleagues how it’s done! I was impressed with author Katie L. Thompson’s knowledge of police work and shocked to learn her age. She is a young talent who we will definitely be seeing more of! I enjoyed this first book from author Katie L Thompson and I look forward to more in this series! Way to go Katie! You gained a fan!

Facebook Events in October


I will be at three different events in October – one hour on Facebook to give away prizes. I will feature my books, The Henderson Harbor Killings (Summer Shack 2), Summer Shack (A Killer Vacation), Short Tales (short story collection), Nightmare at Camp Forrestwood, and Stranded in Time. Signed copies of my books, ebooks, and swag packs (bookmarks, pens, sticky notes, magnetic calendars, can cozies, bottle openers, etc) will be given out! Caption this games and trivia along with drawings!

Oct 4 – Reflections of Chaos Book Release (I will be on from 4-5 pm Central Time) The event is going on from the 4th to the 6th
Oct 13 – Let’s Talk Books (I will be on from 5-6 pm Central Time) The event is going on all day starting at 10:00 am
Oct 24 – Halloween Author Freak Fest (I will be on from 4-5 pm Central Time) The event is going on from Oct 24-27

SPECIAL: Buy The Henderson Harbor Killings (Summer Shack 2) on Amazon and I will send you Summer Shack (Book 1) for free. Take a photo with the paperback or send me a screen shot of your Amazon receipt – Paperback for a free paperback, or ebook for a free ebook.

Kelly Blue (Allan Danahay)


This novel is about Private Investigator, James Kelly Wynton and takes place in Australia. I enjoyed it because it reminds me of a detective series that could be televised. At first, I wasn’t sure what to think, because the prologue tells us a story of a mysterious person who climbs buildings who is also a thief, dubbed Spiderman. The first chapter introduces us to Detective Wynton who takes a job searching for a young runaway who has taken off with her boyfriend. Reading through the book, we are brought back to a case involving Spiderman. I was wondering what the runaway story had to do with mysterious burglar, but we find out, there is a small tie-in. This book was told mostly in dialogue, which is normally the type of books I like. However, I found that it was hard at times to know who was saying what, almost like a movie script. It is fast paced, but you have to pay attention to names. Many characters here seem the same before you get deeper into the story of the crimes committed. Romance fans will also enjoy the connection our main hero has with his love interest. The end made me smile! If you like romance and detective stories, check this one out!