Kelly Blue (Allan Danahay)


This novel is about Private Investigator, James Kelly Wynton and takes place in Australia. I enjoyed it because it reminds me of a detective series that could be televised. At first, I wasn’t sure what to think, because the prologue tells us a story of a mysterious person who climbs buildings who is also a thief, dubbed Spiderman. The first chapter introduces us to Detective Wynton who takes a job searching for a young runaway who has taken off with her boyfriend. Reading through the book, we are brought back to a case involving Spiderman. I was wondering what the runaway story had to do with mysterious burglar, but we find out, there is a small tie-in. This book was told mostly in dialogue, which is normally the type of books I like. However, I found that it was hard at times to know who was saying what, almost like a movie script. It is fast paced, but you have to pay attention to names. Many characters here seem the same before you get deeper into the story of the crimes committed. Romance fans will also enjoy the connection our main hero has with his love interest. The end made me smile! If you like romance and detective stories, check this one out!



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