Looking For Reviews By Bloggers


I am looking for reviews on my latest novel, The Henderson Harbor Killings. It is a prequel of my novel, Summer Shack: A Killer Vacation. You do not have to read Summer Shack first. Either book can be read in any order. I am willing to send this in ebook format or paperback. Please email me if you are interested (wstock70@hotmail.com)

Long before Burt Whitehead was dubbed The Lighthouse Killer, he attended Birchville High School. Being bullied made life rough, but he stuck it out and graduated in the year 2000. Getting rid of his abusive mother was on his agenda, until his aunt stepped in and saved the day, making his entrance into adulthood easier. He enjoyed his job giving tours at the Henderson Harbor lighthouse and never forgot about the prank that his evil classmates played on him just before graduation.

Cynthia Barnett was his classmate and neighbor, who hung out with Burt’s tormenters. Putting an end to her friendship with the infamous Melissa Hammond, she grew closer to friend, Doreen “Dorie”, the girl-next-door type who had a crush on Burt. As Cynthia went on to pursue the college life, Doreen grew closer to Burt. A little too close. She and Cynthia learn the truth about Burt Whitehead the hard way as he plans to do his old bullying classmates in.

Revenge doesn’t come with an expiration date.

This prequel of Summer Shack is told in two parts. Part One is told from Cynthia’s point of view and her classmates who gossip and push Burt’s buttons.
Part Two shows the flip side and tells Burt’s story. With elements of the thriller/horror combination, the second part takes you into the mind of a kid with a dysfunctional family who grows up to become a serial killer.


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