Murder at Wisteria Pines (Jon Randall)



Murder at Wisteria Pines

Antiquarian book dealer Raymond Hilary finds himself in a white-knuckled ride with Cornelius Astor-Beaudry, “the Colonel,” to Wisteria Pines when its patriarch is found dead in a locked room with bars on its windows. Voodoo, three wills, jewels, Cajun legends, Acadia, the French Revolution, the British regailia, and a $6-million fortune are the center of Murder at Wisteria Pines.

I loved the main character of Raymond, which is important in novels, since we must definitely care about the protagonist! I was taken in by him immediately, as he put up with the Colonel (Astor-Beaudry). When the Colonel called on Raymond, he went reluctantly, which reminded me so much of myself. Taken out of a comfort zone, such as with Raymond’s book business, makes one groan, but eventually give in to demands.

I am a sucker for cozy murder mysteries. However this plot line was pretty complex. I have never been to Louisiana, but Cajun and voodoo are heavily dealt with here. Some of the dialogue from the characters, is a little hard to get on the first read, so I had to read some lines a second time. Sometimes, Raymond would be called by his last name, Hilary, which made me think of a woman (I had forgotten a few times what Raymond’s last names was since he tells most of the narration).

Author Jon Randall features strong characters with a setting that I found myself believing. I wondered if Randall had actually lived in Louisiana, for that’s how the setting drew me in. I had gotten some history on the area, plus how voodoo worked with slavery. These were the strong points of the novel, in my opinion. Give this one a shot, if you love cozy mysteries with some educated history!


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