Noelle’s Wish by Nicole Garcia



I’m not into romance, normally, but I do like a romantic story around the holidays. What I liked about this one, was that the character of Noelle has a big backstory that we all learn before she jumps into bed with the handsome man who helps her get over her fears. I really enjoyed this short tale. We really get to know these characters. I liked Noelle from the start and felt her pain. I am so happy that I gave this story a try! The only thing I thought was lacking was the character of Eve. I was hoping to read more scenes with her, as she was a great asset to the story! I recently learned that Eve is going to have a story of her own titled Eve’s Gift! Holly’s Star is soon to follow from author Nicole Garcia. I wouldn’t call this full blown erotica, but more of a romantic story, complete with excellent character development that sets us up for that big scene! If you want a nice holiday treat, check out these romantic tales! Looking forward to the next two myself!

Coming Soon:

Holly's Star


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